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MC Morris plans to halt Portable’s South African tour over indiscipline



Show promoter and comedian Maurice Imadu, also known as MC Morris has revealed the reason he plans to halt controversial singer, Portable from a music tour in South Africa.

The Canadian-based comedian MC Morris has stated that the singer, Portable’s unruly behavior made him have decided to stop his South African music tour schedule to hold on November.

His action comes a few months after he got Portable dropped from shows which held in the United States and Canada over his indiscipline.

According to Morris, when he took the decision to restrict him, many Nigerians attacked, and he turned a deaf ear because they could not see what he had already foreseen.

Taking to his Instagram page, Morris stated that the same people who criticized him then are now thanking him for saving the country from international embarrassment.

Speaking further, he claimed that he is currently working on stopping the South African tour scheduled for November 3rd because he does not want Nigeria to export ‘nonsense’ to the world.

The talent manager stressed that until the Zazuu star unlearns and relearns some things about life, such actions would continue to be taken against him.

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Meanwhile, MC Morris released a statement earlier where he detailed the reason he barred Portable from performing at his show which was held on May 22 in Ontario, Canada.

He said: “I removed Portable from my Canada show because of his indiscipline and self-centredness. I came in contact with him through his former manager, Yusuf Adepitan (Ijoba Danku), and I proposed my Canada show which was welcomed and we started the process with an agreed fee.

I spoke with Portable twice on the phone and when I found out that he could not hold a conversation, I concentrated on talking with his manager. After the deal was agreed upon, an invite was sent to the embassy and it was approved, after which they were told to come for their biometric (capturing) and passport submission.

“I was at peace that it had been settled until I woke up about a week ago and saw a video online where Portable claimed that he had sacked his manager, promoter and DJ. The promoter is the one championing the Canada show. So, how do you sack him and still want me to go ahead with you on the show? That would amount to a betrayal.

Hence, I had to drop him. Interestingly, he was not the headliner for the event as it will feature other entertainers such as Dr Fresh, Azadus, Aki and Pawpaw, Lola Alao and Saco. “Portable will soon understand the absence of people in his life and it would have been too late by the time he realizes. He would have to learn the hard way.”