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Manchester United fans in panic mode over Mc-Fred return



Manchester United fans in panic mode over Mc-Fred return

Manchester United fans were given a breather this season when its infamous midfield trio of Scott Mctominay, Fred, and Bruno Fernandes was seemingly disbanded for new signings of Casemiro, Christian Eriksen and Sabitzer.

However, it appears the universe may be about to set its balance by bringing the gang back for another run, following injury to Sabitzer and speculations that Eriksen may be unavailable to start Manchester United’s next run of games.

Former Real Madrid star, Casemiro who shun in the Red Devils’ midfield and became Manchester United’s light house this season in defensive midfield, became subject of a controversy shortly before the international break.

As recalled, the Brazilian was given his matching orders after a poor tackle on a Southampton player in the 0-0 draw in their last premier league clash before the break. This means, Casemiro will sit out 4 games as a result of being red carded twice in a season for Manchester United.

Manchester United fans in panic mode over Mc-Fred return

With the international break soon to be over, Manchester United fans rue the possibility of a reunion of the infamous Mc-Fred midfield pivot that has been dreaded over time.

The Mc-Fred double pivot prior to Erik ten Hag’s introduction as Manchester United manager, was symbolic of the Ole Gunnar Solksjaer era at Old Trafford that many of United fans would consider as the banter years of the club.

A return to the pivot with the same personnel marshaling the team’s next 4 premier league games brings its fans to lament the outcome of their season ahead of the coming fixtures as they took to Twitter to air their frustrations.