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Manchester United fan, Andy Goldstein Would Rather His Club got Relegated than Liverpool Win the Quadruple



The Manchester United versus Liverpool rivalry is one that runs deep in English football and comes with it a fiery history and no love or hate lost between its supporters. Plainly put, each end of the rivalry would find it difficult to swallow if the other had success or even a slight chance of dominance. But the thought of one of them going to farther ends to doing the unthinkable by winning the famed Quadruple?

The idea alone will leave in some, a dark moment reminiscent of the pandemic season; one which Andy Goldstein, a United fan would gladly not want to see happen even if he has to sacrifice his beloved club to the Championship.

Discussing on talksport the prospects and possibilities of the Merseyside club winning it all; against the odds, while bearing in mind the squad the rival club has now and how flying they have been in multiple competitions this season, Goldstein believes it would be a hard one for United to come from if Liverpool eventually does it.

Winning 4 tournaments or competitions across one season in England has been unheard of in English history, and to see Liverpool be the ones to pioneer that if they go on to add the glory of a Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup triumph alongside the already won Carabao Cup, it would cement Liverpool’s title and dominance as the greatest ever in English and European history, even surpassing the Manchester United Class of 99 that won the treble. Goldstein believes United supporters would no longer have the words to share the same space with their eternal rivals and if sacrificing Man United to the relegation spots would prevent the Merseyside outfit from achieving that, he would be all the more for it.

Speaking with Charlie Austin in the talksport studio, he said: “I’d rather Man United go down than Liverpool winning the Quadruple. That’d be game over. There is nothing I would say to any Liverpool fan.”

But in the Liverpool camp, the idea of a Quadruple is rather something they aren’t too fussed about, or perhaps playing coy and being politically nervous with their words while they remain focused. Still, the possibility cannot be denied even if it isn’t probable.