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Manchester City are 2022/23 Premier League Champions elect—Wayne Rooney



Manchester City are already Premier League Champions--Rooney

Manchester City are only premier league champions in waiting even before kicking the ball, former Manchester United player and legend, Wayne Rooney predicts.

Obviously, the premier league officially begun with yesterday, with a run up of games already played and with the league table starting to take shape immediately the final whistles were blown on Saturday.

The bookmakers, punters and even coaches have started to weigh in on the premier league title debate ahead of the season taking its full shape.

For DC United manager and former Manchester United player, Wayne Rooney, he has dropped his predictions for the season in terms of who stands the better chance of being premier league champions.

Wayne Rooney based on his analysis, believes it’s only a matter of time before Manchester City nabs the title, and compared to the prior season, states Manchester City stand a better chance this time against Liverpool.

The former Derby County manager alleges that the signing of Erling Haaland by the Cityzens would be a hugely contributing factor to the Etihad side stand on top closest rivals, Liverpool.

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Rooney while speaking with The Times, explained:

“We’ve seen many players come to the Premier League with big expectations and it not work out but I just have a feeling that in Haaland’s case it will. That he’ll make City better, handle it all and give them that advantage over Liverpool.” The manager said.

“If he has a good start to the season, I think he can kick on to be a superstar in the league. He is a major reason why I see City retaining the title.

“Liverpool are an incredible team and can beat anyone on their day but I just think, across the pitch, City have better players and that they’re a better side.

“Having that real goal scorer at No 9 gives City an extra fear factor and makes them a threat from almost anywhere.

“City don’t come under pressure often but now when they’re defending they have an outlet who they can play the ball up to, who is quick and powerful enough to run in behind anyone.”

Pep Guardiola speaks on leaving Manchester City next season

It is not unreasonable for the former Everton striker to think within those lines considering Liverpool themselves just fell at the front foot in their very opening game of the season in a 2-2 draw against promoted side, Fulham.

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