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Man United glory days coinciding with Howard Webb’s return to the Premier League?



Man United glory days coincide with Howard Webb’s return to EPL

Man United for the first time in years saw their first victory against arch rivals, Liverpool, days after Howard Webb’s return to the Premier League confirmed, coincidence?

Legendary Premier League referee, Howard Webb according to reports has been confirmed to be returning to the Premier League this season.

His return is mainly on the basis of showing current referees a different way and value of using the Video Assistant Referee, in short form, VAR, which for a lot of reasons has had a lot of controversies ever since its introduction.

Howard Webb’s return is to serve as chief refereeing officer not exactly as a match day official like he once served in the early days of the league.

Man United glory days coincide with Howard Webb’s return to EPL

Man United glory days coincide with Howard Webb’s return to EPL

And like the VAR, Howard Webb himself wasn’t far from being a controversial figure, considering many reports alleged his match decisions often times going in favor of Old Trafford club, Manchester United during the days of Sir Alex Ferguson.

The 51 year old ex-Referee left for the Major League Soccer and has been there since 2017, which ironically coincided with Manchester United’s last trophy victory in recent years.

Webb will work alongside general manager Mike Riley in the newly-created role after his current deal expires in November.

The former referee is set to oversee the work of all 79 full-time professional referees across the Premier League and Football League.

While speaking on the move, Howard Webb explained:

“The reason you bring somebody in is to ultimately secure improvement on what already happens – I guess that’s the case with anybody who goes into any role, maintaining and improving standards. That’s what my job will be.

“There’s a lot of good officials over there, working in the highest profile league in the world.

“I think that story needs to be told as well as it can be, draw the curtain back on the work that officials do and just how good they are the vast majority of (the) time.

“And I think if we can do that, then I think ultimately they’ll be seen in a different light.”