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Man mourns his fiancée who passed away two weeks to their wedding



A Nigerian man has taken to social media to mourn his beloved fiancée who died two weeks before the wedding.

A Nigerian man, identified as Sufiyanu Abubakar, made the unfortunate announcement of the demise of his fiancée, Rukayya Ibrahim Kani, also called Ummi.

According to the source, the couple was set to tie the knot on August 12 2022 in Bauchi State before she suddenly passed away on the night of Wednesday, July 29.

The bereaved man took to Twitter and shared a photo of their wedding invitation and wrote,

My fiancee passed away last night. We were supposed to get married in the next 2 weeks, but she is no more. Innalillahwa inna ilaihi raji’un 😭😭😭”

Friends and family members have also gone online to mourn the deceased with emotional tributes.

Someone who knew the deceased, Ashiru Sani Tatimu also shared her photo to pen down his condolence.

He wrote;

We’re all on the way waiting for this day, sooner or later, we shall all meet there……!!! Let me also personally use this medium to register my condolence message to the family of the late Alhaji Ibrahim kani, Over the death of his daughter Rukayya Ibrahim Kani,

Before her demised, Rukayya was a hard-working and striving woman everyone must wish to have as either a wife or colleagues at work, she’s generous, kind and religious as well.

“However, before her demised, the plans for her to tie the knot are at high gear to make her married woman, Without knowing that she’s at the doorstep to reach the real home(Grave).

“She was also an alumnus of the public health department, Faculty of Basic medical sciences, Bauchi state University Gadau, she had her one year national mandatory service at Bauchi state ministry of health.

He continued further;

We pray that May almighty Allah forgive all her shortcomings and wrongly done, shower is endless mercies upon her soul.For the family and her husband to be!; I pray that May Allah gives them strength and fortitude to bear the inevitable lost of their daughter and fiance. Adieu Aunty Ummi”

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