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Man finds his stolen car from Canada in Nigeria 6months after



A 2017 Toyota Highlander belonging to one Ahmad Abdallah that was said to have disappeared from his street, Ontario street, Canada last September has been tracked to Nigeria.

The surveillance video of the thieves unlocking his 2017 Toyota Highlander provided no clue, making the owner to give up on finding the car.

More than six months later,the vehicle was found sitting in a lot in a suburb of Lagos, Nigeria.

After seeing the video of his own car for sale overseas, Abdallah realised how truly organised the criminals who stole his car might actually be.

“I got a call from you. You sent me a picture of my car. Oh it blew my mind,” he said in an interview. “This is clearly a big operation. There should be more people looking into it…we’re talking millions of dollars. This has to be taken seriously,” he said.

Abdallah’s experience is a small window into a huge surge in car thefts striking cities across Canada, with an apparent epicentre in the Greater Toronto Area.