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Man debunks reports that he returned from UK to propose but found out his girlfriend was pregnant for her ex



Pascal Smith Odor, a Nigerian man who was recently embroiled in a controversy surrounding his alleged return from the UK to propose to his girlfriend, has come forward to debunk the reports.

Pascal took to his Facebook page to clarify that his social media accounts were hacked, leading to the dissemination of false information.

A few days ago, rumors circulated that Pascal had traveled from the UK to Nigeria with the intention of proposing to his girlfriend, only to discover that she was pregnant for her ex-boyfriend.

However, Pascal refuted these claims and revealed that he had been unaware of the situation as he had been inactive on social media for some time.

According to Pascal, it was his sister who alerted him to the rumors after noticing unusual activity on his hacked accounts.

He expressed his dismay upon reading the news and clarified that no such events took place in his personal life.

Furthermore, Pascal disclosed that the individuals responsible for hacking his accounts have been using them to deceive unsuspecting victims into fraudulent investment schemes.

This revelation adds another layer to the ordeal he has faced, as he not only had to deal with false rumors but also the misuse of his personal information by cybercriminals.

The impact of the hacked accounts and subsequent rumors has taken a toll on Pascal’s mental health. He mentioned receiving numerous calls from concerned individuals worldwide regarding the issue. Pascal’s clarification aims to set the record straight and bring an end to the misleading narratives surrounding his personal life.


He wrote; “The last few days has been traumatic to me, my family and friends due to this malicious Rumours which arrived due to Cyberattacks, unfortunately I was hacked due to virtual private network compromise (VPN) or internet protocol (IP) breach, cheap bloggers using my pictures to create several accounts , writing disgusting stories just for the bag and the traffic, people have been scammed of their hard earned money under false pretence using my identity to lure them into investment schemes.

I have received so many calls around the world for this disgusting defamation of character, in as much as I’m much of academic personality for people who really know me , at the same time I’m not a romantic type of person and therefore will never disclose my status to the public talk more of bringing it to the world stage, This trend has brought so much negativity on my mental health than any other situation I have faced , but this shall pass as well, Therefore not a good record to my alma mater and my profession.

I urge the public to disassociate themselves from this malicious rumours which is designed to Tarnish the image of my hard work. I appreciate everyone who helped in reporting the accounts and the news which was a fallacy, I also Urge all the popular blogger media in NIGERIA to drop this story as it never emanated from me neither does this happened and never needs be as I’m very peaceful and accommodating person. I’m open for conversation academically and career wise never on this type of discussion.

Thank you everyone. Peace ✌️”

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