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Maid Who Worked For Years Finally Builds House FOr Mother With Her Savings



maid builds house for mother

A young lady who happens to have worked as a maid for years has finally achieved a feat worth celebrating.

The beautiful Kenyan maid, identified as Shaheedah Cee built a beautiful house for her dear mother, and she has decided to share her ‘humble begining.’

The lady took to her TikTok page to celebrate while she shared a background of how she had suffered with her family suffered.

According to her, she worked as a maid for several years because she could not continue her studies after her father died.

She stated that when he passed away, his family kicked her mother out with the kids and they started living in a shabby house.

Narrating further, the hardship pushed her into depression, and she attempted suicide, however, she had a change of heart after seeing her mother’s living condition due to neglect. She started working as a maid at the age of 14.

The pretty lady had to fly out to Dubai to make money and support her family.

Shaheedah said that she was determined to turn their lives around, so she saved up all her salary to build a small but fine house for her mum.

She flaunted the house, stating that she wished her father were still alive to see her mother smile.

Sharing her story, she wrote; “Hey Dad here’s an update since you left.

Mum got kicked out by your family. I dropped out of school and became a house maid at 14 to help mum. Became a mum at 16. Then Liam came along. Stayed in a toxic relationship for years cause I didn’t want to be a burden on mum. I fell into depression. Wanted to end the pain so I attempted su!cide by cutting my wrist.

“But after seeing how my mum has been neglected for years in poverty, I stopped feeling sorry for myself and picked myself from depression. Saved all my salary and built my mum a new house. I wish you could see her smile now baba.”

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