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Liverpool Could Have Been Champions If Not For Us—Conte reminds



Liverpool Could Have Been Champions If Not For Us—Conte reminds

It is for sure one of the games anyone connected to Liverpool or Arsenal will look back to and rue on as the determining factor for what became of this season both in Europe or in the Premier League, and it is something Tottenham boss, Antonio Conte will want the world to remember as we draw closer to the league game between both sides.

Before this weekend’s Premier League match between Tottenham and Liverpool, Tottenham manager Antonio Conte made fun of his Liverpool rival, Jurgen Klopp.

The German was reminded by the Italian that Tottenham had denied the Reds the Premier League championship.

The German manager had criticized Tottenham last year after their 1-1 draw with Liverpool due to poor play.

For Liverpool, the tie was upsetting because it ultimately gave the championship to Manchester City.

Sunday afternoon’s match between Tottenham and Liverpool, and Conte informed reporters, “Yeah, but if you remember, he lost the Premier League for this result.

“I understood his frustration. They lost the title for these two points [dropped]. But you know, instead we reached the Champions League with that draw.”

Conte asserted that it was common for coaches to criticize other clubs, particularly when those rivals had hindered them from accomplishing goals like winning the Premier League championship.

However, the Italian claimed that he was unconcerned because the German manager had apologized for his outburst and insisted that he understood how Klopp felt.

“No problem for me. When you are angry, it’s very difficult sometimes to control your emotion,” he said.

The double fixtures last season against Antonio Conte will be something the Liverpool manager will want to correct going into this weekend fixture in order to change and control the narrative once again.

However for Conte, he will want to go one step further in collecting all 3 points to further effect this season’s narrative both in the Premier League and Europe.