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“Liverpool are right to escalate things” — Mark Goldbridge slams Gary Neville



"Liverpool are right to escalate things" -- Mark Goldbridge

When a Manchester United fan like Mark Goldbridge is ready to defend a Liverpool action against a refereeing decision, to the extent of calling out United legend, Gary Neville, then it is obvious the game has gone haywire.

Narratives will never cease to be carved out of what was Tottenham vs. Liverpool last weekend. A Premier League game that seemed to be the cumulation of all the controversial decisions that has ever gone wrong in the league.

Controversy upon controversy it will seem, and when the PGMOL released a statement either as an apology or a defense of the Saturday fixture, Liverpool no longer could sit idle and let things slide.

Other teams have let the decisions slide, moved on and accepted the apology given for ‘obvious human error’, however, this time Liverpool released a statement promising to escalate things rather than sit and accept the excuse of a human error that denied them points from a high profile fixture.

Two red card calls, and an offside decision against Liverpool proved the peak of it all as the Reds released a statement in response to the PGMOL.

For Manchester United fan and YouTube influencer Mark Goldbridge, the Anfield side are right to pursue an action against the PGMOL.

"Liverpool are right to escalate things" -- Mark Goldbridge

In a tweet reacting against Manchester United legend, Gary Neville’s criticism of Liverpool seeking to escalate things, Goldbridge said;

“I see @GNev2 saying Liverpool shouldn’t take further action and sorry is enough. Arsenal and Brighton had apologies last season. United, Luton & Spurs (last week) should have had them this season. Sorry isn’t enough. A stand needs to be taken & genuine change with it. Sorry Gary”

Mark Goldbridge isn’t the only one backing the Merseyside club in their quest to take the issues further, David Maddock of the Mirror, posted a tweet on the same social media platform, saying;

“To be absolutely clear, when #LFC suggest ‘sporting integrity has been undermined’, and state there is ‘clear need for escalation and resolution’, then they have genuine concerns about the officials’ actions.

‘Human error’ simply can’t explain that horrific decision. It stinks.”