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Lionel Messi: What Is He The ‘God’ of Again?



Lionel Messi: What Is He The ‘God’ of Again?

Lionel Messi, god or man? Or perhaps both? Argentina might pick the latter on this night after their remarkable victory against Mexico in the Qatar world cup tournament.

In the land of soccer, and at the right moment for magic, the man an entire country turned to was its number 10, named Lionel Messi. It would seem like the normal cliché stories for Argentina by now but seriously, who could get tired seeing the works of a living god of the sport, turn up when prayed upon?

In another timeline, the tales will be talking about Argentina’s elimination at the hands of Mexico by now, but one man turned up to change the tides at the dire hour—Lionel Messi, and for once, the world has forgotten the shocker that was Saudi Arabia earlier in the week.

Argentina wanted their captain to come up because they were having trouble against Mexico. That’s exactly what Lionel Messi accomplished, scoring an incredible first goal in a 2-0 victory.

He appeared with a moment of magic just when his nation needed him the most to keep Argentina’s World Cup dream alive and defeat Mexico at the Lusail Stadium on Saturday night.

On minute 64, Lionel Messi broke the score with a perfect 25-yard shot into the bottom corner, lighting up what had been a gloomy affair.

Later, he assisted Enzo Fernandez in scoring an incredible second goal to give Lionel Scaloni’s team a critical victory.

Argentina’s aspirations in Qatar were revived by the victory after their shocking 2-1 loss to Saudi Arabia in their initial group round match.

Even though they weren’t at their best, they now understand that beating Poland on Wednesday will guarantee their place in the round of 16.

Lionel Messi: What Is He The ‘God’ of Again?

But how again did god of the game come about the miracle that was the difference in the game?

Like his teammates, Lionel Messi didn’t have the best of the evening up until midway through the second half, when Angel Di Maria found him 25 yards from goal.

Then, it just took two mesmerizing touches of that alien left foot of his to leave things messy in Mexico’s goal. First one was flawless, cushioning the ball as it entered his path.

The second shot was accurate, beating Guillermo Ochoa to the bottom corner. Messi’s eighth World Cup goal brought him even with Diego Maradona.

More significantly, however, it was the goal that maintained Argentina’s hopes of winning the trophy in 2022. Up until that point, Messi had been completely ineffective, but all it needed was one great performance to revive his team’s chances in Qatar and show everyone that he is still very much alive.

The world may tend to lose faith in him, but he always turns up when he is most needed, however awkward it may seem. Lionel Messi, what is he the god of again? He is the god of the game.