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Leonardo DiCaprio is a meme, again!



After being photographed getting hit in the face with a volleyball over the weekend, Leonardo DiCaprio is a meme, again. His pictures from his Oscar winning are still an all time favorite.

Leonardo DiCaprio, who recently scored the role of a lifetime as the star of a great new meme. The Oscar winner was spotted “playing” volleyball in Malibu over the weekend. When he went in to bump the ball as it went over the net, he missed and got hit right in the face. Well, he didn’t recover gracefully from the collision. He seemed to be a good sport about the blunder, though!

Leo may have survived fighting a bear in The Revenant, but he sure is no match for an airborne volleyball. Though, he was not injured, he has yet another meme to his growing list of memes.

Here are a few to check out;

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