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Leeds United boss does not want Thomas Tuchel anywhere near Sunday Clash



Leeds United boss does not want Thomas Tuchel in Sunday Clash

Leeds United manager, Jesse Marsch is very protective of the rules of the game and according to the manager, he considers it sad if Chelsea boss, Thomas Tuchel found a way into the coming fixture against Chelsea.

The Leeds United boss said this in reference to the Red card given to Thomas Tuchel during the fiasco against Tottenham boss, Antonio Conte in the Blues’ last Sunday fixture.

Jesse Marsch noted he will be very much disappointed to see the Chelsea manager anywhere near Elland Road before the game owing to the marching orders given to the German ahead of the weekend games.

Leeds United are set to host Chelsea in the 3rd fixture of the Premier League season this weekend, again on Sunday.

Leeds United boss does not want Thomas Tuchel in Sunday Clash

Chelsea’s last fixture though came with all the drama ended at a frustrating draw for the Blues against the Lillywhites of Spurs through Harry Kane’s late equalizer in the 96th minute.

“That doesn’t seem right. If you get a red card you should be out. I think if you get a red card you shouldn’t be able to play the next match. I’ll be disappointed if he’s on the bench,” Marsch said, as per the club’s YouTube.

Leeds United boss does not want Thomas Tuchel in Sunday Clash

Marsch makes a very valid point though, considering Tuchel and Conte were both dismissed at the final whistle of the game for improper conduct.

Considering the rules state that a player who is sent off with a red card, is meant to miss the following fixture either a game or 3 depending on how the red card is awarded in the game.

An announcement on writing this has yet to be made whether the red card given to both Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte has being appealed or not.

But for Jesse Marsch, he only wants to protect the integrity of the game and its rules and also looking for an advantage over the Blues which would be the absence of their manager.