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LASU student called out for kissing minor sensually [VIDEO]



LASU student called out for kissing minor sensually

A final year student of Lagos State University (LASU) identified as Adeyeye Babatunde has been called out for kissing a minor who is not his child. He has now reacted in an attempt to clear his name.


In the video, the man is seen asking the girl to kiss him but there was nothing innocent about the kiss on the man’s part. He took the girl’s lower lip between his and kept sucking on it. He did this three more times.

When he was done kissing the girl, he looked at the camera, licked his lips and winked. A man’s voice is also heard hailing him with the words, “Ahhh. On top your matter.”


“Dad & Baby,” the caption on the video reads.


After the video went viral, an Instagram user disclosed the identity of the man in the video and called him a pedophile. She added that the man is not the child’s father as suggested in the video’s caption.


“His name is Adeyeye Babatunde. He is a final year Botany student at LASU,” the post revealing the man’s identity reads.


Babatunde has now responded. He said the woman who posted the video did it out of spite because they had a misunderstanding.


He wrote: “Ain’t a rapist…”


He added that the girl whose lips he was sucking on is his younger sister.


“Just because we had an (sic) misunderstanding she decided to post my junior sister n I video.


“She did this out of annoyance, God is watching if truly I have bad intentions but if not your generation will suffer for it.”


See his response below.


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