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Lady sends maid packing for allegedly practicing witchcraft in her house (video)



A Nigerian woman has sent her housemaid packing for allegedly practicing witchcraft in her home after few weeks of her employment.

In a video shared online, the woman is seen driving her maid out, as she confronted and accused her of planting evil against her and her household, just barely a month after taking her in.

According to the woman, despite the little time she offered her the job, she had been treating her well, clothing and providing for her needs, only for her to be repaid with evil.

Although the deed of the maid was not known, the woman tagged the maid as a witch.

She rhetorically asked her if she wasn’t ‘warned’ beforehand that she can’t practice witchcraft in her home because she was Holy Spirit-filled.

Sharing a video of the moment she sent the maid packing, she wrote,

Another Jezebel under my roof as a maid.

God which day exactly I wan get luck with maids??

I am so tired of trying to keep one. No matter how good I treat them.
This one haven’t spent up to 3 weeks, got her a new phone, change her clothes and lot more yet she has a bad plan for me.”

Watch the video below,

She also thought of the fact that she can’t handle all her house chores, business responsibilities, and quite so many others alone, and still needs to employ another house help to assist with the chores.

Wish all housechores can be handled all alone.
Personal care
Health care
Housechores and lots more”, she wrote.

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