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Lady reveals How her Date Booked 5 other Ladies in One Night!



A Twitter user @lisettepylant has revealed a bizarre story of how she became friends with 5 ladies in one night.

According to her, her date had scheduled a date with each of them at different times in one night… Whew! Top movie scripts will definitely bow on seeing this one.

According to her narration, dude even said “I’m a project manager, I manage my time efficiently.” ??

She said her friend who worked at the bar where the date was scheduled told her that the guy “sucks” but she proceeded to meet with him just because her friends “were working at the bar”.

45 minutes into the date, the guy tried to friendzone her after the second date shows up…

…Just read the story below:


We’d love to ask if anyone has had a similar experience. Have you? Please share….