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Lady Makes Shocking Revelation About Sharon Ooja’s Husband



Lady Makes Shocking Revelation About Sharon Ooja’s Husband

A United States based lady identified as @lenathemoneygirl has revealed that Sharon Ooja’s newlywed husband, Ugo Nwoke, is not a billionaire as portrayed on social media, reports.

The lady further revealed that he is taking credit for someone else’s billionaire status.

She also accused Nwoke of having a record as a serial cheat in America.

Also, @lenathemoneygirl in a series of Instagram stories alleged that Sharon’s husband is known as Emmanuel in the US.

The ladydisclosed that Sharon’s husband works at a Verizon office in the US where he earns an average of $194K annually, but is not a businessman.

She further noted that, because he is well known in Los Angeles as a serial cheat, he often visits Nigeria to marry unsuspecting ladies.

She wrote, “I live in Los Angeles and I don’t personally know him but when I asked around, his ex wife Florence. I also tried to find out more information about him and he is a Senior Director at Verizon Wireless. When I googled how much a Sr Director at Verizon Wireless made, it showed a base salary of 198k a year but can go up to 350k a year. He owns a 4 bedroom house in Thousand Oaks and I also got his number lol. I added it to what’s app and confirmed it’s his actual number because it has his DP.

“Anywho, Sharon is getting love bombed right now and nothing any one of us says or does will convince her otherwise. I was once in a relationship with a Narc and it took me several years to realize that I was with one. Knowing and studying this disorder set me free from the shackles of that relationship. Don’t even bother arguing with Nigerians!
They are poor and blinded by dollar signs. Y’all the Naija community.”

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