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Lady in tears as boyfriend breaks up with her during church service (Video)



Lady in tears as boyfriend breaks up with her during church service (Video)

A heart-wrenching video on the internet depicts a man abruptly ending his girlfriend’s relationship during a deliverance session at a church.

The couple, who had joined a congregation for a deliverance session, shared their love and commitment in front of the congregation.

However, the supposed boyfriend revealed his true intentions and confessed that he could not follow through with their plans of marriage.

He revealed that he is already married with two children and his heart still belongs to his wife, who is currently residing in Ghana. This shocking confession shattered the young woman’s dreams and left her heartbroken.

The man recounted how his wife left him and their children without his consent, relocating to Ghana, and creating a painful situation of abandonment.

When the pastor asked him to make a decision if he’ll want to spend the rest of his life with his new girlfriend or will want his wife to return home to him.

The man replied by saying “I want my wife to come back. Pastor please choose for me, I am confused because my children are suffering”.

The girlfriend was left heartbroken as she was seen shedding tears.

Watch the video below:


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