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Lady fishes out the real reason why Jehovah witness halt door-to-door evangelism (Video)



A young Nigerian lady has shown concern about the noticeable absence of the Christian fellowship sect, Jehovah’s Witness’ door-to-door preaching and evangelism.

The young lady identified as Askia took a bold step, with a cameraman by her side, and paid a visit to the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness to inquire from its members about the reason for their absence from public and domestic preaching.

Many would have jokingly taught Jehovah’s Witness’ absence could be that they had all gone to heaven and left everyone behind, however, their absence was noticed after the 2020 Covid 19 period.

Now let’s hear from the horse’s mouth this time.

Upon arrival at the Kingdom Hall, the vlogger who could not fathom why they stopped preaching about salvation and the coming of Jesus Christ finally met with a man who happened to be a member.


The young man then told her that the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown caused the shutdown of activities and was responsible for their 2-year hiatus.

The man went on to give an important update that they will resume their evangelism this September.

Watch the video below:


Visited the KingDom Hall of jehovahs witnesses to find out what really is the reason for their extended absense in our lives. #trend

♬ original sound – Askia

See some netizens’ reactions to the news;

Afieh said: Ofcourse dem dey.The reason for their absence be be na bc of Covid-19 measures.But Meetings dey back as usual now.Hope dey answered all your questions.

Vivian Nnenna Okafor; I’m not a jehova witness member but I feel heaven will honour you for this act.

berylheavens; Yi nofit eva work even their clothes dem 4 market juh hang there noman di buyam ar b feel say rapture happen na only dem go.

princesspromisepr; Askia u don do Wety nobody be fit do. Thank you we think say them don go heaven leave we,ei no go work!

parispevely; That was a very good questions, cuz I was beginning to think the churches are closed

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