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Lady celebrates as she upgrades from housemaid to cleaner in Qatar (Video)



Lady celebrates as she upgrades from housemaid to cleaner in Qatar (Video)

A young lady has taken pride in her work as she celebrates her job change from working as a housemaid to a cleaner in Qatar.

The happy-triggered lady took to her TikTok account, @shamiamuts to celebrate her growth from being a housemaid to working as a cleaner in Qatar, the richest country in the World.

A young lady has taken pride in revealing the type of job she does to survive while staying in a foreign nation.

@shamiamuts disclosed that she previously worked as a housemaid in Saudi Arabia.

According to her narration, she decided to go home and rest because working as a domestic worker was strenuous.

After getting the needed res, she chose to fly to Qatar, thereby terminating her housemaid job in Saudi Arabia.

She flew to Qatar, where she got the cleaning job. Excited about her new status, she appreciated God for being there for her.

@shamiamuts shared some pictures of herself in a video reel containing write-ups narrating her story.

Watch the video below;


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