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Lady calls out ladies who cook, and act submissive for their yahoo boyfriends (Video)



A young Nigerian lady has blasted ladies who date and act all submissive to internet fraudsters commonly known as Yahoo boys.

The unnamed lady took a jab at those set of ladies who cooks for yahoo boys and take up other domestic duties just to receive a weekly payment of N5,000 from their Yahoo boyfriends.

The lady expressed disappointment for those ladies as they use the money to buy shawarma instead of getting a job for themselves.

According to her, if they are good at cooking they should either open up an eatery or they should work at one, instead of stressing themselves.

She also wondered why they do not see anything wrong in their actions considering how their mother was pregnant for nine months only for them to turn themselves into unofficial wives of ‘those small boys’

Watch the video below…

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