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Labor Party laboring in vain—Soludo fires shot at Peter Obi



Labor Party laboring in vain—Soludo fires shot at Peter Obi

Labor Party laboring in vain—Soludo fires shot at Peter Obi

The 2023 general elections drama again, and again, Peter Obi is the one hit with the stray bullet from ‘hitman’ Chukwuma Soludo.

The Anambra Governor has aired his own view as to the 2023 general elections, and his opinions are that both the Labor Party and party Presidential flag-bearer, Peter Obi are wasting their time.

Soludo believes those dreaming that the former Governor will become president are only either dreaming or jokers.

He specifically analyzed that those who joined the Labor Party (LP) like its presidential candidate, Peter Obi in hopes to achieve something are just laboring in vain in 2023.

The Governor said a party that hasn’t produced a councilor in its ward has nothing to offer.

He said this while speaking at the Governor’s Lodge in Amawbia, Awka South Local Government Area during the weekend with APGA party members.

His reference goes to the recent defectors from APGA to the Labor Party (LP), insisting the APGA party remained the most formidable party in the State.

Soludo said:

“It is sad that the people that left had to leave, why would one leave a party he had laboured to build? It is not good to labour in vain.

“However, they are not contesting elections. The election in Anambra is between APGA and other political parties. APGA remains the third in Nigeria as the country inches closer to the 2023 general elections.

“Elections are not done on WhatsApp or the Internet. You have to be on ground. APGA is on ground here and everywhere. How can a party that does not have a councillor want to compete with us?

“We are strong and we are growing stronger, stand a real chance in Abia, we will compete in all places vigorously.

“We shall campaign when it starts, and by the time we enter January next year, we will know those that are still contesting.

“Our victory will be resounding this time, but we will not take anything for granted, Anambra people will see.”

Chukwuma Soludo’s claims basically outlines the classic tale of the underdog standing against all odds in the political scene.