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Jurgen Klopp secretly a Chelsea fan after this Premier League ‘moment’



Klopp’s Favorite Premier League moment

The Premier League celebrates its 30 years of dominance in recent history since its establishment in 1992, and during Klopp’s pre-match press conference, reporters had to ask him the question.

What was your favorite Premier League moment of recent history?

Of course, it took a moment before the Liverpool manager could answer as it was quite a complicated question that he did not want to rush into. But eventually, he was reminded it did not have to relate with Liverpool alone even though it concerned Liverpool.

The German then answered that though he had seen a lot of Premier League games prior to being Liverpool manager, his favorite moment which he hoped to relive again was a Chelsea moment.

Klopp’s Favorite Premier League moment Klopp’s Favorite Premier League moment

If he was to support any other Premier League club aside Liverpool then it has to be Chelsea and it is because of that very moment; a moment that united the Liverpool squad even though it was a Chelsea moment.

It was a moment even the Liverpool fans would admit forgetting the rivalry against Chelsea and putting on the Blue shirt underneath the Liverpool red shirt to celebrate.

Of course, that was what Andrew Robertson, Liverpool’s left-back did on the night. He had on a Chelsea kit with Billy Gilmour’s name on it beneath his Liverpool shirt.

For Manchester City fans it would be considered as shithousery, but for Klopp’s, it was a moment never to forget; the day Chelsea came out victorious over Manchester City to hand Liverpool the league title mathematically.

Klopp’s Favorite Premier League moment Klopp’s Favorite Premier League moment

It was by far Klopp’s favorite Premier League moment according to him, but it could very much have been toppled had Mohamed Salah’s goal against Wolves last season become the Aguerooo! moment for Liverpool.

That night saw Christian Pulisic and Willian on the score sheet for Chelsea and ironically enough, both players at one point were Liverpool targets.

It was Willian’s penalty that created the nerve for the team and for Jurgen Klopp, with Klopp saying:

“We didn’t even play,” Klopp said of his favorite Premier League moment.

Klopp’s Favorite Premier League moment Klopp’s Favorite Premier League moment

“It was when Willian scored the penalty for Chelsea [against Manchester City] and we became champions in that moment, definitely.

“There was a mix of everything. I can remember the situation before, it was a chance of Chelsea shooting, defending, shooting, blocking then handball and everyone was shouting ‘HANDBALL!’.

“It was not immediate the whistle and then it came and that was the first celebration. And I’m not usually like this, I can watch football without analysing teams or getting involved.

“I couldn’t care less about analyzing, watching or learning or whatever. But it was completely different in that moment. I was really hoping that it will be a penalty and I was hoping that Willian keeps his nerves. Then he kept it and it was my [favourite] Premier League moment.”

In recent history, Chelsea has in one way or the other played a hand in the title race especially regarding Liverpool.

The Blues have played both hero and villain in the Reds’ story to becoming English Premier League Champions.