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Klopp laughs off Guardiola’s taunts



Definitely, the drama is reaching the Premier League now.

A lot of people have accused the Premier League season being a dull one unlike prior seasons, and most pundits have criticized the Manchester City/Liverpool rivalry as not having the grit or the emotions of other fierce rivalries backing it, now we have it.

Late last evening, City boss, Pep Guardiola made a taunting remark against rivals Liverpool after City’s game against Liverpool, and how they were favorites and well loved in England as a whole compared to his club City. That accusations drew off media flames as the media themselves were involved in the conversation and debate.

The argument was then brought to Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp, read to him during the Monday press conference prior to their Tuesday fixture against Steven Gerrard’s Aston Villa, to which the German laughed at the taunts before addressing it.

In a rather calm demeanor, different from Pep’s, the Liverpool boss addressed his own statement and criticisms on Tottenham first, admitting he and most probably Pep Guardiola say things based on the heights of the emotion in the moment; Pep had just being sent out of the Champions League by Real Madrid whereas Liverpool proceeded against Villarreal to the final, so it was understandable for his colleague to be emotional.

The German though admits that the Spaniard too is right on Liverpool only having won a league title in 30 years, just as he was right on Tottenham still being 5th.

But addressing the thoughts that the whole of England supported Liverpool to win the league, Klopp pointed out the fact that in Liverpool, only 50% wanted the club to win the league, while the other 50, while battling relegation which luckily they escaped from last weekend, were against Liverpool winning the league.

That alone, Klopp notes as debunking Guardiola’s theory of the entire England wanting Liverpool to win the title. The Liverpool boss even mentions how he doesn’t feel any love while playing his opponents, like City boss makes it out to be.

“I have been in Liverpool so far, and yes a lot of people want us to win the league, that’s true…but even here it’s only probably 50 percent. The other guys, or people until yesterday were involved in another fight” he said. “So, yes in the moment we are massively influenced by the game, by the situations…I don’t know exactly the situation Pep was in but after getting knocked out of the Champions League which was already difficult enough to take but then of course Liverpool made it to the final, eh… then you have these kind of things, but they played Villarreal and we played Real and all these kind of things. And he is right, we won the Premier League only once, I have no idea if the whole country is supporting us. I don’t know that. It’s not the feeling I get actually when we go to other places and play there, it’s actually the opposite, but yea maybe he knows more about that than me” the Liverpool manager stressed.