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Kaigama: Women deserve more political space in Nigeria



Women must be given more political space to operate for both their personal and national development, His Grace Most Revd Ignatius Kaigama, the Catholic Archbishop of Abuja.

While saying that women were no threats to men, he futher stated that they must be supported to bring new perspectives to governance, and perhaps change the narrative of the nation.

Archbishop Kaigama said these in his Homily delivered at St. Charles, Lwanga Parish, Apo, obtained by journalists on Sunday night in Abuja, where he spoke on the need for gender balance in governance.

Kaigama said, “Women must be given a chance to be part of the vision and dreams of our nation. In other words, there should be more involvement and participation of women in our political, economic and social life.

“But more importantly, in Nigeria, the men must allow a good percentage of political offices go to the women since the competition is so stiff and because of the dominance of the masculine culture, women are always at a disadvantage.

“From empirical evidence, we know in the Church that women are very strong pillars. I am confident that Nigerian women given more space in the national scheme of things will bring new perspectives to governance, and perhaps change the narrative of our country often dancing dangerously on the precipice.”

While reiterating the willingness of the Church to complement government effort in that regard, he urged the people to join the fight against gender-based discrimination and violence.

He said, “Our world today is riddled with terrible vices such as drug abuse, fraud, alcoholism, cultism, gender-based violence, etc. It is in the light of these that the ongoing campaign with the theme: ‘End Violence Against Women Now’ is being carried out.

“Most violence today which take different forms such as domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking, female genital mutilation, rape, child marriage and many others are real, but sadly, are overlooked or inadequately reported and addressed.”

Ignatius Ayau Kaigama (born 31 July 1958) is a Nigerian prelate of the Catholic Church. He was Archbishop of Jos from 2000 to 2019, when he became first Archbishop Coadjutor and then Archbishop of Abuja.

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