Am sorry but I can’t take this. In the history of Naija dance, I have never seen a more disgusting immoral dance like the so-called Soapy. It should never be encouraged. Am really disappointed,” she posted.

Her strong condemnation of the dance trend is clearly indicated in her reasons. She noted further in the caption of the Instagram post that though it’s her opinion, the Soapy dance should not be encouraged just for the sake of a new trend. Kaffy also points out the inability of the man behind the trend – Naira Marley – to censor the dance from kids.

She says, “As dancers we should also speak for what is right we shouldn’t encourage this for the sake of trend. Esp when it’s not even censored away from kids, as an adult sef it’s offensive.”

Kaffy’s condemnation of the Soapy dance is gradually getting support from fellow entertainers, who shares her views.

Fellow dancer and choreographer, Don Flexx who also agrees with Kaffy’s take condemned the dance. He said the illustration of the dance is immorally disheartening. “I totally concur with you, the signatory dance illustration is immorally disheartening and improper for commercial viewership and yet alone not safe for young viewership as well,” Don Flexx submitted.

Leading makeup artist, Lola Maja also made her submission saying decency isn’t a trend.

My sister… If no lines are drawn what will be the next trend? Decency isn’t a trend,” Lola Maja says.

Singer, Nikki Laoye and Femi Branch also had their say while supporting Kaffy’s take on the dance.

Laoye simply referred to the new dance trend as a wank dance. “True… Totally off and watching ladies do it sef looks weird and ewww.. It’s a wank dance nah WTH.

Nollywood star actor, Femi Branch is saddened that some celebrities are sharing the dance trend and help promoting the ‘immoral’ dance. “Well said Sis. Very soon, kids will start dancing it and then what? And some so-called celebs too are doing it and posting on their IG! Shame!!!

Femi Branch says it’s a shame celebrities are promoting the soapy dance.

On Air-Personality and ‘Jenifa’s Diary’ actress, Lolo 1 also lend her voice to Kaffy’s position saying, “I loved you before I love you more now it that we do not want this generation to thrive? why would we just destroy common sense.”