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Jurgen Klopp mocks Barcelona’s Situation



Jurgen Klopp mocks Barcelona’s Situation

Barcelona’s situation in the transfer summer has been one that has left a lot of football enthusiasts marveled considering the club’s financial state as well documented by the media and La Liga.

For some, Barcelona’s situation has become something of a mockery for its rivals, whereas for people interested on the financial aspects of things, it\s something that should be studied and learnt from.

Despite the mess, the Catalans continually keep getting its targets for huge prices, even outbidding their transfer market rivals who aren’t going through financial troubles to contest players from them.

It is an issue that Liverpool manager had to leave a comment or two on as the German explains he too cannot understand how the club does knowing full well of their situation.

Jurgen Klopp mocks Barcelona’s Situation

Speaking on how Barcelona were able to land his former player, Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich, Jurgen Klopp said:

“I don’t understand it [Barcelona‘s spending]. If you tell me I don’t have money, I don’t spend anything anymore. This happened to me twice in the past with my credit card.

“I’m watching this like a football fan, I don’t understand.” Klopp added, before going on to speak about his time at Dortmund.

“The only club I know that once sold the stadium and other rights in advance was Borussia Dortmund,

“Aki Watzke had to come in at the last second and saved everything, and I don’t know if there is an Aki Watzke at Barcelona.”