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John Wick trends as the Internet reacts to a Scene in the Film



John Wick trends as the Internet reacts to a Scene in the Film

The Keanu Reeves led action film is back in theatres, and this time presenting John Wick with a bang to audiences who have since stayed loyal to the franchise since the first movie premiered.

John Wick may not be known for its humor, but there is no denying that the movie does well at cracking a smile on viewers’ face with subtle lines of dialogues or scenes not intentioned for humor but inadvertently bringing a few laughs to it.

We recall how the franchise began all because some Russian spoilt rich kid killed John Wick’s dog, and the Keanu Reeves led character went on a murderous rampage that transitioned into 2 more sequels.

The idea of John Wick going on a rampage in the first and subsequent films all because his dog was killed by a Russian kid was every bit as humorous as any comedic idea, except it wasn’t.

Flash forward to Chapter 4 of the franchise, and something similar was established in the film, but this time, it is not so much as John Wick going on a killing spree that is humorous, but how it was executed.

A scene from the latest outing showed Keanu Reeves at a club going after his target, and along the way chopping hired goons coming at him with an axe.

Of course, it wasn’t the fact that he was killing with an axe that was funny, it was how the scene showed people at the club dancing while John Wick went about his business. Talk about John Wick doing baba yaga things, and you wouldn’t get anything funnier than that.

Read the Twitter reactions to the scene below as the movie trends on social media:







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