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Italian Kills Nigerian Prostitute Over Sexual Performance, Dumps Body In Ditch

Italian Police have taken in Leopoldo Scalici, a 40-year-old from Palermo who confessed to murdering a Nigerian prostitute identified as Benedita Dan.

According to Italian newspaper Modena Today, Denebita operated as a prostitute in the industrial area of Modena Nord, but her body was found on Sunday morning lying in a small moat by Toni, in the countryside of Albareto.

Between Saturday and Sunday, Scalici approached the prostitute on the streets and loaded her on board the van on which he was travelling to reach a secluded place where they were believed to have had sex. The vehicle in question, identified and seized by the Carabinieri, was not owned by the 40-year-old but by an acquaintance who had lent it to him to carry out some work.

Not everything is known about what triggered the aggression, which occurred immediately after the sexual relationship, but the paper said it it there was some hypothesis of a sense of dissatisfaction on the part of the client, who reacted badly in a fit of rage.

Scalici said he hit the stranger on the head with a heavy workbench vise — a blow that would have been lethal.

The exact place where the crime took place has not been disclosed, but it can be assumed that it took place in one of the various secluded pitches used by African prostitutes practising in the industrial area of Modena Nord. From there, the man would then reach stradello Toni, where he declared that he had thrown the woman’s naked body and clothes, as found by investigators.

An autopsy  is scheduled to be conducted to verify all the claims made so far by Scalici.

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