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Is Horse Racing Betting Legal In Nigeria?



Is Horse Racing Betting Legal In Nigeria

With the rise of popularity of Horse Racing, especially after the online betting expansion, many countries have changed their laws and regulations softening the rules that dictate how online gambling operates.

With the rise of technology, online gambling sites have become more available to the wider population. We have the same situation in Nigeria, where online gambling started to rise in popularity.

Fortunately, it is safe to say that online sports betting is legal in Nigeria and it is regulated by several bodies.

Even though online gambling is legal in Nigeria, there is still a grey area that is not regulated, specifically for online gambling or online casinos. There isn’t a law filing to explicitly state whether or not is legal.

Online sports betting websites that offer horse racing betting which has obtained a license by either the National Lottery Regulatory Commission or the Lagos State Lottery Board are perfectly legal and safe to bet on.

Horse Racing Scene in Nigeria

Even though horse racing betting is legal in Nigeria, the horse racing scene is not in great shape. Nigeria is one of the many countries in the world that doesn’t have an active horse racing scene. There is, however, a thriving scene that pushes horse racing towards becoming a nationally popular sport in the country.

Like in most countries, horse racing was introduced to Nigeria by the British who also brought the betting concept that is still popular today.

Even though horse racing isn’t very popular in Nigeria, the sport has a loyal following across the country but it still remains very niche compared to other sports like Football.

Horse Race Tracks in Nigeria

The best thing about horse racing in Nigeria is that the sport has the potential to grow. There are many horse race tracks that promise a great future for the sport, and the popularity of the sport continues to grow with every race.

One of the biggest venues in the country is the Ikeja Saddle Club, which is located just outside the center of Lagos. This racetrack was established back in 1967, and it is the main center point for horse racing news and development in the country.

Along with horse racing, this track also hosts show jumping, polo, and gymkhanas.

Moving to Abuja, we can find another horse and country club that acts as an important location that aims to promote the sport around the country. Other locations like the Saddle Club in Port Harcourt, and the Parkland Resort Club are also crucial for the popularity of the sport.

In order to boost the popularity of horse racing in Nigeria, racing authorities need to ensure that the races are run within regulations and after a while, they will earn the status of being big professional races. Even though the horse racing scene in Nigeria is not in the best shape, authorities still aim to host a Group One race similar to Epsom Derby or the Kentucky Derby.

It seems like this dream is way off, and there is a long way to go until Nigeria can reach that level of horse racing.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that television companies have started to show interest in broadcasting official horse races from Nigeria. This very important for promoting the sport and it is a great way to provide access to locals who don’t have a racetrack nearby.

In the meantime, you can still enjoy some of the biggest races in the world and bet on them at official bookmakers.  There is plenty of horse racing action, and the fact that online betting on horses is legal makes the sport even more exciting for the locals.

After all, betting is a crucial part of the sport, and it is hard to imagine horse racing without the excitement of wagering some money. So, pick your online bookmaker carefully and do some research before placing your bets.



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