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Ireland to recognize Palestinian State



Ireland to recognize Palestinian State

Ireland will formally recognize the state of Palestine, Prime Minister Simon Harris announced on Wednesday, indicating that other nations are expected to follow suit in the coming weeks.

In a joint declaration, Ireland, Norway, and Spain announced their recognition of Palestinian statehood during a press conference. Harris expressed optimism that additional countries would soon join in this significant diplomatic move, following his discussions with various world leaders.

“Today, Ireland, Norway, and Spain are announcing that we recognize the state of Palestine,” Harris stated. “In the lead up to today’s announcement, I’ve spoken with a number of other leaders and counterparts, and I’m confident that further countries will join us in taking this important step in the coming weeks.”

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Harris emphasized that a two-state solution remains the only viable path to achieving lasting peace and security for both Israel and Palestine. He highlighted the historical significance of state recognition for Ireland, drawing parallels to Ireland’s own journey to international acknowledgment.

“Taking our place on the world stage and being recognised by others as having the right to be there was a matter of the highest importance for the founders of our state,” Harris remarked. He reaffirmed Ireland’s full recognition of Israel and its right to exist securely and peacefully alongside its neighbors. Additionally, he called for the immediate release of all hostages in Gaza.

Ireland’s formal recognition of Palestine will take effect on May 28, as confirmed by Foreign Minister Micheál Martin on the social media platform X.