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“I’m ready to take my bullies with me” — Toyin Abraham



"I'm ready to take my bullies with me" -- Toyin Abraham

Nigerian actress, Toyin Abraham isn’t backing down any time soon no matter how hard critics come at her.

The renowned Nollywood actress has taken a bold stand against cyber-bullying, vowing to confront her online harassers head-on, even if it means putting her own life on the line.

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During an emotional Instagram live session, Toyin declared, “I’m ready to d!e, and my bullies will d!e with me,” underscoring her determination to bring her trolls to justice. This fierce declaration follows a wave of online abuse she faced after expressing support for President Tinubu in the recent elections.

Despite the intense backlash, Toyin remains resolute, asserting her innocence and commitment to holding her bullies accountable. “I have committed no crime,” she stated, emphasizing her right to freely express her political views without facing harassment.

The issue of cyberbullying has gained significant attention, with Toyin’s stance highlighting the severe impact of online abuse on public figures. Her willingness to confront this issue publicly serves as a powerful statement against the normalization of cyberbullying in today’s digital age.

Toyin’s situation sheds light on the broader problem of cyberbullying, particularly towards individuals who hold differing political opinions. Her battle is not just personal; it resonates with many who have experienced similar online attacks.