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I’m not anti-marriage – Toke Makinwa explains



Popular Nigerian radio presenter, vlogger and actress, Toke Makinwa, has said her being single is not due to scarcity of men.
The television host and entrepreneur, who has been speaking about marriage in recent times, took to her Twitter page to refute claims that she’s “anti-marriage”.
While describing herself as a “lover girl,” Makinwa disclosed that she’s only yet to find “someone who is worth it”.
“I am still single as single as a dollar bill but not as a result of the scarcity of “men”, but by choice. I love me too much to share me with anyone till. Well till I find someone who is worth it,” she wrote.
“I am not anti-marriage, I love the institution. The greatest love story I have ever heard of or seen was my folks. They loved and joked about dying together and they were buried side by side. I am a lover girl, just won’t tolerate the BS.”

Beyond her laudable career strides over the years, the 34-year-old media personality appears to have a reputation for her uncompromising standards when it comes to relationships.
In May 2019, she had charged single women like herself to pursue their dreams without being inhibited by societal constructs. According to her, only men with nothing to offer run from successful men.
She also said she’ll never split the bill for a date she was asked on and shared her personal strategies on how to stay on top of the dating game via her vlog in a piece titled “how to be a baby girl for life“.
In 2014, Makinwa had married Maje Ayida, whom she had been dating for close to eight years, but separated from him after discovering that he had impregnated his ex-girlfriend. She is currently single.



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