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“I’m a woman, not a crossdresser” Bobrisky replies Reps over crossdressers bill




Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky has released a post stating that he is a woman and not a crossdresser, as the House of Reps considering a bill seeking to ban cross-dressing in Nigeria and jail offenders for 6 months.



The recently annoounced bill, read on the floor of the House on Tuesday, April 5, seeks to ban cross-dressing with the exemption of those using it for entertainment.

If the proposed law is passed, cross-dressers will be sentenced to 6 months in prison.


Reacting, Bobrisky took to Instagram to say that he has undergone multiple surgeries to change his sex and those surgeries can’t be reversed, hence he is a woman,  not a crossdresser.

He said he has his lawyers and doctors to defend his claims and he has nothing to fear.


“Na who be crossdresser go dey fear,” he added.

Bobrisky became recognized as being highly controversial on social media for not adhering to ultra conservative Nigerian standards. Bobrisky has a huge following on social media. She was able to garner traffic to her Snapchat account when she claimed she had a lover who is assumed to be of masculine gender despite the law in Nigeria stating that same sex relationships is an offence punishable by up to 14 years imprisonment.

On July 8, 2021, she revealed a new physical appearance after undergoing surgery to become more feminine.

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