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If Trump is allowed, no need vilifying convicts — Kerry Washington



If Trump is allowed, no need vilifying convicts -- Kerry Washington

Former U.S president now under conviction by the American Justice System, Donald Trump continues to drive divisive opinions from famous celebrities, with Kerry Washington the latest to question Trump’s involvement in the 2024 elections.

Recently, Hollywood actress, Kerry Washington famed for her roles in the TV series, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, comes hard on former United States President, Donald Trump as the American justice system allows the Billionaire to contest for the upcoming elections despite the guilty verdict just weeks ago.

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Donald Trump was widely involved in a hugely publicized court trial from a hush money fraud case in New York that resulted in the former president being declared guilty as charged. However, according to the U.S Justice System, the guilty verdict does not stop the politician from moving forward with his candidacy as the Republican Party’s candidate for the 2024 president polls.

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Of course, this law has been put into question by Trump’s detractors and critics, and for Hollywood star, Kerry Washington, the legislation makes no sense considering convicted felons in America are not given same privileges whenever they return to society once declared guilty.

“Everything has changed in terms of how I feel about the so-called justice system,” the actress put forward when speaking to the Hollywood Reporter.

“We’re in such an interesting moment when it comes to [the question of], ‘What is a felon?’ I love what people have been sharing on social media, [saying that] if a person who is a convicted felon can still run for president, then we should be removing that box from job applications.” Kerry Washington added.

This is in response to a discriminatory rule in America that prevents convicted felons from gaining meaningful employments in the States after a guilty charge.