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“If anything happens to me, hold Oma Nnadi” – Actress, Chioma Okoye cries out



“If anything happens to me, hold Oma Nnadi” – Actress, Chioma Okoye cries out

Nollywood actress Choma Okoye has notified the public that they should hold her colleague, Oma Nnadi responsible if any bad thing should befall her.

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Chioma Okoye

Actress Chioma Okoye, in a yet-to-be-disclosed issue with fellow actress Oma Nnadi, took to social media to cry for help as she stated that Nnadi should be held responsible for anything that happens to her.

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Oma Nnadi

In the post on her Instagram page, she tagged the Instagram handle of the Nigerian police force, media channels, and well-known media personalities.

In her words;

If anything happens to ME please you guys should hold @omannadi



This is coming after the actress and producer Chioma Okoye lambasted women who flaunt their luxurious lifestyle on social media without sharing elaborate details on how they got it.

According to Chioma, it is disheartening that some women flaunt their luxurious lifestyles and try to back it up with a motivational yet unclear speech on how one should work hard to attain wealth as they did.

She then called for transparency when it comes to showing off on social media.

She wrote,

“It is exceedingly heartbreaking that most Nigerian women flaunt luxurious lifestyles with a confident caption of how you should work hard and the story goes on and on without really telling us the businesses that got them to where they are.

You come out preaching about a sweat on your brow and the assets you’ve been able to acquire without elaborate details of these profitable business or businesses you are wrapped up in.

I know a lot of people will come ranting about how people should mind their businesses and not stick their nose in some other person’s bag, but the truth remains that the very moment you put out your achievements for us to celebrate with you, or as a scheme for motivation, you’ve made it our business and we deserve to know what got you there.

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