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I will be back at Chelsea — Frank Lampard



I will be back at Chelsea -- Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard, the current interim manager of Chelsea, has revealed that he plans to return to the club as a supporter on numerous occasions in the future. Lampard’s short-term contract with Chelsea is set to expire on Sunday, following their Premier League match against Newcastle.

Throughout his second stint as manager, Lampard has faced significant challenges, having lost eight of the ten games he has overseen. However, he remains determined to secure his first home victory during his current tenure.

Lampard, who enjoyed a successful playing career at Chelsea, winning three Premier League titles and the Champions League, did not make a return to Stamford Bridge after being dismissed as manager in January 2021. It was not until April of this year that he reappeared at the stadium to watch Chelsea’s goalless draw against Liverpool.

The 44-year-old manager recently explained his absence and assured fans that he would be a familiar presence among them in the future. Lampard acknowledged the significance of his connection with the club and the supporters, emphasizing that he would never feel like he was saying goodbye.

Living in close proximity to the stadium, Lampard expressed his intention to return to Chelsea frequently and continue to engage with the fan base. He recognized that although his managerial career might not keep him at the club where he spent 13 years as a player, his bond with Chelsea and its supporters would endure.

“This is the corny part,” Lampard stated, “I will never feel like I am saying goodbye to the fans. My career as a player and as a coach, the first time around and this period, it is there. I live close enough to the stadium, and I will be back at Chelsea many times.”

Lampard’s remarks highlight his deep appreciation for Chelsea’s fan base and the profound impact the club has had on his life. As he nears the end of his interim role, Lampard remains grateful for the opportunity to serve as manager once again.

His commitment to returning as a supporter underscores his enduring connection to Chelsea and his desire to remain connected with the club even after his managerial career moves forward.