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I wear hijab because my backside can make men miss heaven – Popular evangelist, Sister Kate reveals [Video]



Popular Nigerian evangelist, Sister Catherine also known as Sister Kate, has revealed her backside is the reason why she dons in hijab.

The Evangelist, via video, addressed some questions from her followers bordering on her appearance as some questioned why she preaches Christianity while putting on a hijab.

The evangelist, renowned for her ‘rapture’ sermons, first made it clear that she is not a Muslim.

According to her, she only wears the hijab to cover her huge buttocks which she said is a threat to men who desire to make heaven.

She added that moments she doesn’t put on the veil, she is being seductively looked at and most men will try to be her disciple all because of her endowment.

Speaking in a video, Sister Kate said: “Ever since I started wearing this Hijab, many people say that I am a Muslim. First of all, I am a born-again Christian. In the Book of Mathew 5:28, if you look at a woman lustfully, you have committed against God.

Sometimes, some just want to use their eyes to rape me. Some will even follow me and agree to become my disciple just to be looking at what God gave me. It is not a sin to have such a shape but it is a sin when you use it to take some people away from God.

“Even God has given me revelations in my dreams that I should stop seducing men. And to me, I never knew it has gotten to this level. Then I opted for the Hijab. This is because it covers my shape perfectly well. I don’t want to be the reason why some people will miss Heaven.

“I see some ladies wear clothes that will expose their sensitive parts like their hips. Please stop it, you are taking many away from God. I am not saying you should wear Hijab, just wear things that will cover your body especially if you are like me.”

Watch the video below…

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