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INTERVIEW: “I Was Never Good Enough To Be Successful” – Mental Health Advocate



In this special interview with Australia Edinborough, a leading mental health advocate, Empowerment speaker and host of “Stop The Stigma” talk show based in Houston, Texas, she shares her personal experience as a woman who seeks mental freedom and an advocate of transformation. Her struggle in overcoming depression and scaling through a period of mental health issue is defying. Adeyemi Asaba brings to you ‘8Ws’ questions which will inspire and challenge you to see life beyond your current situation and pay attention to your health.

What inspired your interest in mental health issues?

My interests in mental health came from overcoming my own struggle of depression and the denial that is shown in my family as well as in my community. Mental adversity is a taboo topic that is crippling our identities and evolution as spirit beings. Society shames us for having it and seeking help. I advocate for bringing awareness and accountability of healing. Your mental health is just as important as your physical appearance, nurture it accordingly.

What are the challenges you have faced in the past?

The challenges I have faced in the past is learning when to say no and creating balance between work and home. I used to choose work over everything. I’ve learned that having that ‘no days off’ mentality was toxic to my health and relationships with those I loved. Now, I make it a priority to take breaks and show up for those who show up for me. What I struggle with now is not having enough time in the day.

What would you say is your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement is being a mother while still achieving my goals and dreams. It means a lot because I was told what I wanted out of life didn’t matter because of my responsibilities as a mom. I never accepted that and I have proven that with the many obstacles I have overcome.

What brought about the Persuaded Beauty Company?

Persuaded Beauty was inspired during my recovery of depression. Makeup was a tool that allowed me to embrace self care. While it boosted my confidence, I learned that I could do the same for others as well as magnify their beauty. During our sessions, we are able to discuss tribulations, share relatable stories, encouragement, as well as success. It brings me joy knowing I am a reflection of those I come in contact with. Persuaded beauty allows me pleasure of doing that as I please. It represents that woman who searches her darkness and rises in love with her light. She is unapologetically confident in herself, spirituality, and is a free thinker. Her sacredness, uniqueness, and mystery fills her with infinite possibilities of her personal transformation. Women have it hard just being in our essence. Society shames us for not being perfect in every aspect and that is unrealistic. My brand represents the perspective that you are able to be a masterpiece and a working progress simultaneously.

What is your driving force?

My driving force is my son and knowing that the efforts I plant now will reap abundantly for my family and legacy.  At one point in my journey I was ashamed of ever thinking to leave him here alone because I was overwhelmed with life. Thank the creator for growth!

What do you currently struggle with? 

What I struggle with currently is not being able to process all of the abundance I’ve learned to recognize in my life. The mantra is I am grateful.

What would you say is your greatest regret?

My biggest regret is doubting that I was never good enough to be successful.

What advice would you give to young single mothers?

My advice to young single mothers is so much. Stay persuaded and develop a plan. Build your support team, although it may not always be family. Your life doesn’t stop because you are a single mother. You can have the best of both worlds when you truly believe in yourself! Develop a daily ritual that compliments your personal and work life. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals and ALWAYS stay grounded in your spirituality.