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I know who is putting bad thoughts into May — Yul Edochie



I know who is putting bad thoughts into May -- Yul Edochie

The soap opera drama continues as the love triangle between Yul Edochie, his wife, May Edochie and second wife, Judy Austin gains steam on social media following divorce rumors between May and Yul.

Based on a recent video shared by the Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, debate has risen over the posts true intent on social media as the internet speculates if it was meant as a direct stunt to poke fun of May Edochie.

The footage shared by Yul captured a staged scene where he portrayed a character who returns home to find his wife and her friend. The actor’s facial expression in the video indicated frustration and anger as he confronted the friend, accusing her of being the person who had been deceiving his wife.

The caption accompanying the video further fueled speculation, as Yul wrote, “I finally caught the woman that has been deceiving my wife.” This statement immediately caught the attention of his followers, who connected it to the actor’s past marital issues.

Recalling the actor’s history, Yul Edochie had previously been involved in an extramarital affair with his colleague, Judy Austin, leading to the breakdown of his marriage to May Edochie.

It is worth noting that Yul had previously made an appeal to May, requesting her acceptance of Judy as a co-wife, but May did not comply with his request. Consequently, Yul assumed that external influences were responsible for May’s refusal.

The video shared by Yul Edochie, though staged for a movie scene, has ignited discussions about the actor’s personal life and his past relationship with May.

Many social media users and fans of the actor have expressed their concerns, questioning whether the video was meant as a subtle jab at his ex-wife.

Despite the speculation surrounding his intentions, Yul Edochie has not directly addressed the controversy or provided clarification about the video.

This silence has only fueled further speculation and debate within the online community.

It remains to be seen how this incident will impact Yul Edochie’s public image and his relationship with his ex-wife, May Edochie. Fans and followers will undoubtedly be eagerly awaiting any official statement from the actor regarding the controversial video and its underlying message.