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Hugh Hefner’s widow to inherit Nothing



Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner has just given his third wife, Crystal Harris a big Ela from the grave- that’s of course if the 31-year old Harris married him because of money.

Hefner has reportedly left nothing to Harris in his will.

The London tabloid claims that Harris signed an “iron clad” prenup before marrying Hefner.

As such, she’ll receive no part of his estimated $43 million fortune, which will instead be divided amongst his four children, the University of Southern California, and several charities chosen by Hef.

I’m sure Harris must be feeling the way I felt on the 7th of April this year when I bought an egg roll and discovered there was no egg inside.

Baby girl, I can totally relate!

This is quite logical on Hef’s part seeing as the couple had a rather tumultuous relationship.

The couple was originally scheduled to tie the knot in 2011, but Harris called off the wedding and publicly made nasty comments on the Playboy founder’s sexual prowess. She was consequently dubbed “the runaway bride” on the cover of Playboy.

Despite all these, somehow, the couple still ended up tying the knot a year later.

I wonder if Hefner intentionally left her out of his will to spite her for her behaviour.

Anyway,  sources close to the situation say that Harris will be “taken care of,” presumably with a monthly stipend.

My advice to Harris; Don’t quit your day job just yet, hun.

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