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How To Make Millions As A CWAY Distributor In Nigeria

Interested in a fast business where you don’t need to have products of your own, but instead sell other people’s products, then becoming a distributor is one business you should consider. However, becoming a distributor is big business. Therefore, you will need to have the needed funding before venturing into it. An important consideration to make is to select a successful brand as this will help the growth of your business. Why are we discussing this? If you have had a burning desire to start a water distributorship business for a major brand, then this article will give you the needed guidance.CWAY is arguably one of the fastest selling drinking water brands in Nigeria.

However, its operations are not only restricted to Nigeria as it is spread across Africa and Asia. The sheer population size of Nigeria, coupled with its location in the tropics makes it a huge market for CWAY. This is rightfully so, as the company has used this to its advantage.

Although there are alot of other competitors, CWAY has carved a niche for itself through the provision of reliable products. It has also invested alot in advertising its brand. Little wonder why it has achieved a household name status in Nigeria.

What CWAY Offers You

As a CWAY Distributor, you have the advantage of representing a reputable brand well known for its high quality Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Because of the confidence the company has earned among Nigerians, you are rest assured that your businss will have high patronage. Although located in Lagos, its products have a nationwide reach. So if you live outside Lagos for instance and wonder which procedures to follow, wonder no more. Wherever you live in Nigeria, CWAY will reach you with its products.

How to Become a CWAY Distributor

In your quest to become a CWAY Distributor, there are definite steps you need to follow to obtain distributorship rights. In its bid to expand its market size, the company allows you to apply for such rights. However, you must be a registered business. This is necessary as CWAY prefers doing business with registered entities. This ensures that all agreements between you and the company is legal. A registered business is likely to be more organised and well run than one which is not.

An additional requirement for becoming a CWAY distributor is the possession of a warehouse or store. Whichever state you may choose to operate your business, this is very necessary for smooth business operations. The warehouse is required to serve as a holding room for all CWAY products which will be supplied to you. In addition to the above, you must have a delivery vehicle where you can easily distribute products to retailers or sub-dealers. Here, the number of delivery vehicles is not specified, but the minimum requirement is one.

CWAY is comfortable doing business with individuals with good marketing skills. If you possess it, then you stand a chance of expanding your business considerably and also getting the full support of CWAY. Because the company needs partners to help in effectively marketing its products further, it gives this a top priority. If you possess good marketing skills, selling your business or attracting new clients will be second nature to you. It is interesting to know that this skill is essential to every type of business.

Other Requirements

Apart from the requirements provided above, there are still more such as completing and submitting an application form. This notifies the company of your intention to do business or become a partner. What follows is an invitation to discuss business. It is important to note that you are required to have the necessary funding to start this business. Although it has not been made public, you will be given every information you need during the application process. An alternative way to find out the cost is to ask any CWAY dealer nearest to you.

After meeting all the above requirements, you can visit thier head office at Plot 6 Block H, Oshodi Industrial Scheme, Oshodi Apapa Expressway Oshodi B/stop Lagos.

As revealed above, becoming a CWAY distributor is not rocket science, as all you need to do is follow the simple guidelines provided above.

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