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How to handle rejection



Time in and out, rejection showcases in life either emotionally,financially, socially, mentally, physically, career life and so on. Rejection is life baggage, inherent in life and it hurts no matter what kind of rejection. It is important to understand this and learn to live with it rather than swell because of certain uncontrollable rejections. Often times, in a bid to control rejection, it gets worse and escalates. Thus, it is better to look through rejection and still see a win and a purpose.
One proven way to handle rejection is first take a deep breathe.

Feel the feelings, think about the rejection and analyze the circumstances surrounding the rejection and project a brighter side out of your thoughts. Deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress in the body because it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax. It is a way to relax and let your worries out. Keep things in perspective. Figure out what really scares you about rejections, face your fears and reject negative self-talk and silence your inner critic. Reflect realistically. Operate with a resilient mindset. Rejection is part of a success story and it is not just happening to you. Endeavour to see rejection as a redirection.

Another practical way to handle rejection is to talk to someone about it.

Speak to someone who is ready and willing to listen to you and connect with you. Talk to someone about it and ask for honest feedback, evaluation, constructive criticism and listen carefully to assess the feedback and its elements. This could also help you build up your self-condidence and self-worth. You can talk to trusted friend (s), relative (s) or a professional. Talking about your thoughts with a friend who can offer an outside perspective may help you reason differently and talking about your thoughts with a therapist can also help you address the problems.

Most importantly, stay positive. Focus on your strengths. Make adjustments. Look at the situation more objectively and ask yourself if there’s anything you can learn from the experience. Be compassionate to yourself. Practice self-care and engage in healthy habits at the time of rejection. Remind yourself of your worth and self-talk yourself into a success-oriented mindset.

Positive mantras help, you need this to power through the challenges of rejection. Take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Look at rejection as an opportunity for growth instead of something you cannot change. Never beat up yourself for rejections. Do not take it too personally. Believe in yourself. Understand that everything is happening for a reason. Do not let rejection hold you back from experiencing life at its fullest. Rejection is a part of life’s experiences and so many lessons to be learnt from rejection. Do not sit in the rejection and let it be a roadblock rather ask what you can do moving forwards. The sting of rejection can make you doubt yourself but fearing it may limit you, preventing you from life has to offer.

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