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How to build your network



Networking is not just about handing out or collecting business cards. Building your network centers around connecting, establishing and building relationships that are mutually beneficial for you and others. There is no shortage in networking, whether the opportunity is through a local, international, regional and so on.
In all spheres of life, your network is one of the most important assets you have. Networking is relationship-building. Your network consists of people you have met online or offline and to build your network, you need to go out, meet people, attend events, be active on social media platforms depending on your interests. One effective way to start building a network is to identity what you are most passionate about. Also, good networking skills such as interpersonal skills, active listening, communication skills, friendliness, confidence contributes to a successful networking process.
One great strategy to building network is to capitalize on everyday opportunities.

Everyday you have opportunities to connect with people, do not overlook these opportunities. Knowing how to capitalize on the everyday opportunities puts you in a great position to network and network right. Plan and commit to every opportunity as networking opportunities.
One other effective way to building network is to attend networking events.

Attend gatherings either regular or otherwise and have a plan on how to pitch your interest to people you meet at such events. Volunteer at events and get social. Also, join organizations that will align with your interests. This technique is a no-brainer for adding people to your network of contacts. Find people that share the same interest and goals in such organization. At events, focus on the right people and network with intention.
Social media. Social media platforms are excellent ways to start connecting and building a strong network. Be mindful of what platform and how you address yourself on such platforms. Maximize your social media presence, find new connections but think beyond it too.
Keep in touch. After choosing the right people to network with, remember to reconnect. Be genuine. Follow up with contacts and stay in contact with them. You can also become a connector and introduce people to your own network, that way, you can also build a stronger rapport with multiple people.
Another way to build your network is to invest in other people.

cultivate your relationship over time. Give before you receive. Offer support and wait for the reward of such support.
Understanding what networking is, is not enough but in the execution of networking. Build your network before you need it and the time is now. Building your network is a gradual process and it is possible. The people you know is another secret to success. Networking contributes to your social well-being. It is okay to put your energy towards building a powerful network

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