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How Romelu Lukaku ruined a Chelsea promising move



How Romelu Lukaku ruined a Chelsea promising move

“Could this be why Chelsea ‘hate’ Lukaku?”

Romelu Lukaku for Chelsea is that one bad investment that seems never likely to wash off no matter how the Blues try to forget they ever made the move.

In a new report that has come up, it is revealed the Belgian played an intermediary role in stopping Chelsea’s move for Jeremy Doku, and dissuading his Belgian compatriot from making the move to London.

This was however prior to Jeremy Doku’s move to the Etihad this stadium, and as far back when the Belgian was at Anderlecht.

Chelsea according to the report, were said to have held interests in signing the then teenager at the age of 15 to its academy set up, but a chat with Romelu Lukaku halted the move from happening.

Anderlecht’s academy director, Jean Kindermans, recently revealed the plot and how Romelu Lukaku played a crucial role in preventing Doku’s transfer to Chelsea.

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Kindermans shared the story with the Sunday Mirror, as reported by the Evening Standard, recalling a conversation with Lukaku about the challenge of convincing young talents to commit to Anderlecht, specifically mentioning Doku.

“I remember taking Romelu into my office about the problem of getting young players to commit to us – Doku in particular.” Kindermans said.

“Romelu replied, ‘Come on, pass your phone to me, I’m going to call him’. But I didn’t want to do that because a phone call gets quickly forgotten. So, instead, I got Romelu to convince Jeremy to stay.” He added:

“I still have the video on my phone. On it, you can hear Romelu giving advice to the Doku family, saying ‘Hey, guys, stay with Anderlecht for a while, you’re good’ and so on.”