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How Nigerian musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs enrich American lives – US reveals



Antony Blinken Buhari


Antony Blinken, the United States secretary of state has revealed that Nigerian musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, among others are enriching American lives.

Blinken, during his visit to Nigeria, after meeting President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, addressed the press in the company of Foreign Affairs Minister, Geoffery Onyeama where he made comments on Nigeria and America’s shared values and challenges and how the two countries are working together to address them.

According to Blinken, Nigeria is important to the U.S., especially through its diaspora’s impact on the American community.

“Nigeria touches us every day in America through the amazing power of its diaspora. Musicians, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, athletes enrich our lives, make them more interesting, more rewarding, and we’re grateful for that as well,” Blinken said.

Nigerians are recognised as the most educated black community in the U.S., with members of the community being appointed as heads of government agencies or members of boards in the U.S.

Recently more than four Nigerians have been appointed to serve in President Joe Biden’s cabinet in various capacities, giving credence to the world-class performance of Nigerians outside the country.

Aside from education, Nigeria’s exports its afrobeat to the world in music with its artistes selling out concert arenas and becoming recipients of international awards such as the Grammys.

Similar to its status as the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria is the African country with the most migrants to the United States, as of 2013. In a study which was carried out by consumer genetics company 23andMe which involved the DNA of 50,281 people of African descent in the United States, Latin America and western Europe, It was revealed that Nigeria had the most common ancestry within the US, the French Caribbean, and the British Caribbean.


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