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How Arteta dethroned Aubameyang and cast him out like a Leper



How Arteta dethroned Aubameyang and cast him out like a Leper

So whatever happened to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s Arsenal career, how come Arteta dethroned him?

The story of Aubameyang exiting Arsenal is one that has quite shocked the football world considering there was a time he was well raved about at the Emirates.

Obviously, the story serves as prove that a football career is as short as anything you can imagine.

Early into the 2021/22 season if any was told Aubameyang would be playing in the el clasico and netting a brace against Real Madrid, it very much would have come off as quite the shock considering it wasn’t long that he had signed a contract renewal.

And it would have even been awkward believing in just under a year later, he could be facing off against the Gunners at the Emirates with Chelsea; that is if the move is legit and falls to plan.

How Arteta dethroned Aubameyang and cast him out like a Leper

So what really happened, how come Arsenal boss, Mikel Arteta dethroned Aubameyang from his seat and cast him out of the squad like a leper to the Camp Nou?

Well, the Gunners boss had quite the words to say on it in the latest episodes of the Arsenal documentary in the All or Nothing: Arsenal series.

It all started with Aubameyang being allowed by the club to fly to France in early December due to some family reasons, but the problem started when the striker returned late and failed to report to training on time.

This drove Mikel Arteta furious, and this was due to the Gabon international having already the history of bad time keeping.

Aubameyang was stripped of the captaincy, made to train alone and had his contract terminated before joining Barcelona on a free in January. In theory, he was cast out in a matter of weeks.

According to Arteta, he disclosed the situation to the squad like this when he walked into the dressing room:

How Arteta dethroned Aubameyang and cast him out like a Leper

“I have to announce you something. Following the last disciplinary issue that we had with Auba, and the consequences that I decided to take not to involve him in the game, I thought carefully – myself and the club – what was the next step.

“And we have decided as a club that he is no longer our captain, so you should know that. The other decision is that, for now, he’s not involved in the squad. I will make decisions further along the line,” the manager said to the stunned players.

“The club and myself we are not going to accept any behaviour like this, and what we are building goes completely against any behaviour like that.

“So if we are going to have any meaning in changing our culture – and making sure we become a different club and team – we have to stand to those words, clearly, in every action, with anybody. And this is the message that I have to send you.”