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Housemaid Lies That Boyfriend Dumps Her After Giving Him Her 4 Month Salary



A social media user took to Twitter to narrate how her mother’s housemaid claimed her boyfriend dumped her after giving him her 4 months salary, but got busted instead.

According to the Twitter user, her mum’s housemaid claimed her boyfriend dumped her after giving him her 4 months salary to open a barbing saloon, however it turned out she was lying against him. The alleged boyfriend further disclosed that he broke up with her because she lied that she was pregnant, and was asking for abortion money.

The user tweeted:

“I woke up In the midnight to go get a glass of water. Heard my mum’s maid crying so intensely. Cracked open her door and she had a picture of her boyfriend on her laps won ti break heart weyray

She just gave me the full gist .She says she gave him her 4 month salary to open barbing barbing salon. Now nigga said he’s done with her”

“UPDATE: My uncles and I went to the guys salon to get her money back. He said she didn’t give him a dime. That she’s lying against him because he broke up with her. He said he broke up with her cuz she lied that she was pregnant and was asking for abortion money”, The User continued…

“He said he would come to face her in our house when he closes his salon by 7pm. Who is lying? Who is innocent? Stay tuned till 7pm to know! Sorry guys, the guy did African time and came 7:35. We called all of them to stand in the middle of the living room and table their issues. He didn’t even wait for everybody to settle down before shouting ‘Ngbo, you said I took money from you?”

She was like ‘are you mad? You want to lie that you don’t owe me 120k’ I almost shouted ‘ go girl, you better call that nigga TF out’

The guys replied ‘ Joy when did you give me 120k abi it did not want to be well for you and the people that born you’.

Next thing homegirl started crying and cursing out the guy , didn’t really pay attention to what she was saying but the part that stood out was ‘after giving you my money and body ‘

The guy was unbothered by the water works. He looked at my mum and said ‘ ejor ma, e ma bi so fun olori buruku Yi ko so igba ti o fun mi lowo’ (please ma help me tell his idk the English translation to tell me when she gave me money)
Mum asked her, She was like ‘ ehhhnnn she used her 4 months salary to do abortion and the guy refused to refund her’
The guy went crazy, put his hands on his head, started jumping and screaming ‘Ye, ye , ye ,ye 120k fun aboshan’
He went ahead to say she is lying. That she claimed to be pregnant, he gave her 2k to go and do pregnancy test, she came back with result and there was tippex on part that said Negative then she wrote Positive on the tippexed part
He said he told her that she should follow him to the hospital and she told him that her madam is doing birthday that week so she is busy . First of all , my mum’s birthday is May. Which madam?
I wannw wave my men are scum flag so bad but this bitch is killing my vibe. The whole story don dey vex me jare. Homegirl might be going back to Akwa Ibom tomorrow because of her foolishness.. End of Thread!

This is serious ohh! ?