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His Career Ended After That Interview—Jamie Carragher



His Career Ended After That Interview—Jamie Carragher

With all said and done, Friday night brought the confirmation that all the Al Nassr Saudi Arabia talks were true for Cristiano Ronaldo despite attempts to dissuade the news of being authenticate, and for Liverpool legend, Jamie Carragher, it is quite a sad end for the Portugal legend.

After the Portuguese player announced his move to the Saudi Arabian league, Jamie Carragher, a former player of Liverpool, made a jab at Cristiano Ronaldo regarding the interview with Piers Morgan.

Following his interview with Piers Morgan, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner’s contract with Manchester United was terminated in mid-November.

The 37-year-noisy old’s football career, in Carragher’s opinion, came to a sad conclusion when he signed with Al Nassr on Friday.

When Ronaldo’s main competitor Lionel Messi was winning the World Cup, according to Carragher, the former Manchester United superstar was switching to an unproven league.

On Friday night, it was made official that Ronaldo had committed to Al Nassr for the duration of a contract.

“In some ways it’s a sad end for him,” Carragher said on Sky Sports.

Jamie Carragher added:

“Two of the greatest players of all time in Messi and Ronaldo. That debate has always been there.

“Ronaldo has finished his career with an interview with Piers Morgan and Messi has won the World Cup. It’s not the best way to go out, is it?”